Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Fostering a Positive Relationship with Your Child's Teacher

Parent Pick-Up Group Topic: 2/21/13

All this month we have been learning about Respect and the idea of treating others like you want to be treated. In many classes we read Dr. Seuss’s The Sneetches, and discussed how treating others differently because they may look or act different is certainly NOT showing respect. This is one of my favorite lessons because the children are truly shocked that anyone would act so awful over something as silly as a “star upon thars.” Then we relate that star to hair color, clothing, gender, and any other perceived “difference” we see around us, and they fervently agree it would be absurd to treat someone badly or tease them because of these differences. Oh, if they could only stay so young and innocent!
Continuing on the theme, we also took time at our Professional Development on Friday to have a staff-wide discussion about respect. Teachers gave input on what respect means to them from various sources, including parents, other teachers, and administration. Below are their answers, which might help you in fostering a positive relationship with your child's teacher.

What respect means from a teacher’s perspective:

·    Acknowledge my expertise

·    Trust us to do our jobs

·    Allow for a reasonable amount of time to respond to emails (24-48 hrs, not inc. weekends)

·    Give teachers personal space

·    Refrain from discussing the teacher in front of the child

·    Please don’t walk into classrooms unannounced; schedule an appointment

·    Send in a note if it’s something I need to know right away, as I won’t usually get to check email until after school ends

·    Encourage students to talk to teacher about minor issues first, before you intervene

·    Follow the “chain of command”: first speak to me before going to an administrator

·    Notify teachers ahead of time before volunteering/staying in class all day

·    Don’t talk negatively about other teachers to me

·    Give teacher all important information regarding  your child

·    Talk to me to get the “other side” of a situation you hear about in the classroom before making assumptions

·    Please don’t complain about me through emails to other parents or on public websites..please talk to me if you have any concerns!

·    Follow the protocols we’ve put in place

·    Use a friendly tone/voice

·    Respect our time

·    Have empathy and try to understand our point of view

Other ideas or thoughts to share with the group? Please share in our comments section!

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