Monday, March 18, 2013

Character Word for March: Determination

Synonyms:  Hard work; perseverance
Definition:  Continuing to try your best even when something gets difficult; never giving up

DETERMINATION is our character word for the month of March!

Students have the opportunity to be caught in the character spotlight by teachers who notice them showing determination at school.

In the Character Education classes for Pre-K through 1st grade, Ms. Diesner and counseling intern Ms. Moore have been conducting lessons about determination. In these lessons, students have listened to a story from a puppet about his determination to learn how to ice skate. Students were asked to share times that they have been able to learn and practice a new skill. Students were also asked to set goals for new skills that they wanted to accomplish. Examples included: doing a flip, crossing the monkey bars, tying shoes, reading a chapter book, riding a bike without training wheels, and many more! Counselors have been checking in on students' progress toward these goals, so encourage your child to keep up the good work and determination!

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