Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Teaching Peace: Conflict Resolution

Are you going up the Conflict Escalator?
 It's Conflict Resolution time in Peace Class!  In 2nd - 5th grade we are spending time in Peace Class learning how to work out our conflicts peacefully.  If you have the kind of child who tells you all about what happens at school (I have one who does and one who doesn't!) then you have probably heard about the Conflict Escalator.  The Conflict Escalator is a way to help us think about how conflicts can start out as nothing but small problems but because of the things people say and do and the way that people react they can sometimes escalate into something much worse.  Ask your child what is at the top of the Conflict Escalator.  The answer: Nothing but Trouble!  In second grade Peace Class we have been reading stories about conflicts and we are beginning to think about what sends a conflict up the escalator.  In third grade Peace Class we are learning about the Conflict Resolution Toolbox.  This toolbox is filled with solutions such as sharing, taking turns, and compromising.  We are role-playing how to use these tools in different conflict scenarios. In fourth and fifth grade Peace Class we are learning more advanced conflict resolution methods and practicing them through role-playing. When all of the kids are speaking the same "language" about conflict it is much easier to keep things peaceful here at Lafayette!

Linda Ryden
Teaching Peace

Please share your thoughts about the conflict escalator and how it might help your child or any other comments about the Teaching Peace curriculum in the comments section!


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