Thursday, October 23, 2014

Why College Awareness in Elementary School?

You might be wondering why your child has been coming home talking about "The Path to College" this week when it seems so very far away. For many of them, it is far away. We calculated that Pre-K students will start college in the year 2028 and complete a four-year degree in the year 2032--wow!
But the reality is that it is not too early to start talking about the idea with our kids. In my visits with Pre-K through 2nd grade classes this week, I've asked the students three questions:
  1. What is college?
  2. When will you go to college?
  3. What will you learn there?
The answers I've heard have been as hilarious as they are revealing. One student said college is "where you get away from your parents," while another thought college is "50 years away." Someone else said he would study to be an NFL quarterback in college, while another student said she would study how to be a professional dog-walker. Through our class lesson, however, each student was able to answer the three questions with some level of knowledge about what college actually is. We will continue these discussions through a focus on careers later in the year, but in the meantime please continue to emphasize that college is a wonderful opportunity, it comes after completing 12th grade and high school, and it is where you ultimately will learn how to do your future job. It's hard to imagine, but one day our kids will be there...and we want each and every one to be prepared!


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