Friday, October 24, 2014

Halloween Candy Drive for the Homeless

Halloween Candy Drive for the Homeless

The kids at Lafayette are a very generous bunch and that spirit really comes out at holiday time.  No, I'm not talking about those winter holidays, at Lafayette Halloween is time to think about generosity and compassion.  Sure we dress up as scary monsters, or favorite storybook or movie characters, but Halloween at Lafayette is about helping others.  

Our very own Kenny family - Guy, Maya, and Amalia - have been collecting Halloween costumes to share with homeless children.  What a creative and fun way to make a child in crisis happy!  

Another way we show compassion for others is through our Halloween Candy Drive.  Every year Lafayette students bring in their extra Halloween candy to share with people coming to the Bethesda Cares Homeless Shelter for meals.  The staff and volunteers at Bethesda Cares (which include former Lafayette students Nina and Kyle Clemente) tell us that due to the generosity of the Lafayette community they are able to give a piece of candy to every person who comes in for a meal for a whole year! That's a lot of candy.  So starting the Monday after Halloween bring your extra candy up to the Oasis on Team 3 (the Peace Classroom and the Counseling Suite) and help us build our candy mountain!

Thank you!!

- Linda

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