Thursday, January 22, 2015

Mindfulness at the Super Bowl?!

Mindfulness at the Super Bowl?

This week my students were pretty surprised to hear me talk about football since it's not exactly the most peaceful of sports.  But it turns out that the kids at Lafayette have something major in common with the Seattle Seahawks:  they all practice mindfulness!  As you may know, the Seahawks have not always been the best team but they won the Super Bowl last year and are going to the Super Bowl again this year.  Most commentators attribute their recent success to Coach Pete Carroll's emphasis on Mindfulness Meditation.  Coach Carroll believes that mindfulness helps his players focus, block out distractions, deal with anger, anxiety and stress, and create a more cohesive team.  Check out these articles to find out more about Coach Carroll's philosophy.  If mindfulness can help professional football players play better, just imagine what it can do for our little leaguers, or soccer players, or ballet dancers, or violin players!

- Linda

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